Join us for our either of our two Sunday Church Services


Morning Chruch 10am  --- at Wagga Wagga Christian College, 401 Kooringal Road, Wagga
Evening Church 5:30pm  --- at Wagga Wagga Christian College, 401 Kooringal Road, Wagga


Whether you've never stepped foot in a church before, or you've attended a church your whole life, you're very welcome at Wagga Wagga Evangelical Church. We understand that visiting somewhere new can be a bit nerve-racking so we'd like to help you learn more about what happens when you visit us. It is helpful to know that we are a fairly ordinary bunch of people who have been rescued by an extraordinary God. We believe that we need rescuing because sin is a huge problem for us all - and the great news is that God has an even bigger solution: Jesus came into our world to live among us and to rescue us: to die on the cross in our place and to rise again from the grave to offer us new life. 

Jesus’ rescue and forgiveness enables us not only to lead a new, transformed life, but also to be included into a whole new family: God’s family - the church. Everything we do when we meet as a church grows out of this reality. At Wagga Evangelical church we want to see people in Wagga - and the rest of the Riverina - and the rest of the world - come to know God through Jesus, and be saved! 

We meet together on Sundays [at 10am and 5:30pm] and during the week [in Bible Study groups] to build our relationship with God and with each other as his family. We take the Bible very seriously - we believe that it is God's word to us, that allows us to know him and live for him, so we are committed to reading and learning from the Bible each and every week.  

Our 10am Sunday Morning service at the Wagga Wagga Christian College includes a kids program for creche (0-2), toddlers (2-3), preschool (3-5 years), Infants (Kinder to year 2), Primary (Years 3-5) and Youth (Year 6-8). Part of our meeting involves morning tea after the service. In all we do, we aim to magnify our great and wonderful God, bringing glory to him in all of our lives, everyday. 


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We would love to introduce you to the one person who has changed our lives for ever. His name is Jesus and he has promised to give you life to the full!

Jesus has transformed the lives of millions of people over the last 2000 years.

Jesus claims to be God and acts consistently with that claim. The many eyewitnesses who saw Jesus speak and perform miracles during his life were so impressed that they left everything to follow him! The same group were so certain that he appeared to them after he rose from the dead that they were prepared to die for their testimony.

We are not interested in blind faith. We base our trust in Jesus on solid evidence. If you would like to find out more about Jesus - click one of the links below


The Pastors

  • Peter Blanch

    (02) 6933 1845

  • Stephen Cox

    (02) 6933 1920